Lean Mean Thirteen (Stephanie Plum #13) – Janet Evanovich

Lean Mean Thirteen (Stephanie Plum #13) – Janet EvanovichTitle: Lean Mean Thirteen (Stephanie Plum #13) by Janet Evanovich
Publishing Info: June 19, 2007 by Macmillan
Genres: Adult, Cozy Mystery, Mystery/Thriller
Find it on the web: Buy from Amazon // GoodreadsDate Completed: May 15, 2012
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Dickie Orr. Stephanie was married to him for about fifteen minutes before she caught him cheating on her with her arch-nemesis Joyce Barnhardt. Another fifteen minutes after that Stephanie filed for divorce, hoping to never see either one of them again.

Doing favors for super bounty hunter Carlos Manoso (a.k.a. Ranger). Ranger needs her to meet with Dickie and find out if he's doing something shady. Turns out, he is. Turns out, he's also back to doing Joyce Barnhardt. And it turns out Ranger's favors always come with a price...

Going completely nutso while doing the favor for Ranger, and trying to apply bodily injury to Dickie in front of the entire office. Now Dickie has disappeared and Stephanie is the natural suspect in his disappearance. Is Dickie dead? Can he be found? And can Stephanie Plum stay one step ahead in this new, dangerous game? Joe Morelli, the hottest cop in Trenton, NJ is also keeping Stephanie on her toes-and he may know more than he's saying about many things in Stephanie's life. It's a cat-and-mouse game for Stephanie Plum, where the ultimate prize might be her life.

Breaking It Down Further: To help Ranger on a mission, Stephanie agrees to plant a bug on her slime of an ex-husband Dickie Orr down at his law office. To no one’s surprise, Dickie gets under her skin and Steph goes postal on him. When Dickie turns up missing, apparently dragged from his now blood-stained home, guess who’s suspect #1 on everyone’s list… To clear her name, Stephanie begins investigating Dickie’s disappearance and as usual, gets herself into a little too much trouble when the henchmen see her as a threat to their secrecy. Prominently working with Ranger, Steph has to keep her hormones under control as well as keeping her cool through it all so she can finish the job and go back home to Morelli.


Review: Oh Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie. I love your hijinks. It’s pretty much the same story as every other Plum-tale, but it never gets old and the more I read Stephanie Plum, the more I wish she were real. What a kick life would be with Stephanie Plum as a gal pal! Anyway, as usual, it was a nice mystery to unravel with some nice twists in the case of the MIA Dickie Orr. As usual, loved the Stephanie-Morelli-Ranger love triangle (or triangle-ish). And as usual, full of laughs!


Hard to go wrong with these, so I really hope they stay strong! I’ve been a fan since the first book so I just hope they don’t get monotonous!

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Hi, I'm Brittany!

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4 thoughts on “Lean Mean Thirteen (Stephanie Plum #13) – Janet Evanovich

  1. Brittany S

    Great! I think you’ll really enjoy The Spellman Files. It’s got a ton of laughs in there and very witty and sarcastic. Glad I could be of help 🙂

  2. zettew

    I just finished book 12 in this series, and I love them. I laugh out loud at everyone. I initially started reading them so I could watch the movie, and got hooked in the process. I’m glad number 13 doesn’t disappoint, as I plan to pick it up at the library today! 🙂 Thanks for the review and the referral on The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz. I put them on my shelfari list!


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